Chicago in the summer is like no other place I’ve been… the City goes to such lengths to entertain us and encourage us to enjoy the nice weather before another long winter sets in. I for one try to take advantage of as many of these opportunities as I can (and of course I try to take the old camera with me!).


Yesterday afternoon I walked down to Millennium Park (the Chase Promenade to be exact although I had no idea that particular area had a name) to see Strange Fruit. Strange Fruit is a group from Australia that performs from atop flexible fiberglass poles. It’s really a fun thing to see and worth a trip to the park if you’re in the area (it’s right next to “the bean”) and there are several shows a day through July 14th.


As you can see, I just happen to have the camera with me (: Something about these guys and gals (well, one gal… I’m pretty sure the “gal” in the red dress was a guy) just screamed vintage to me, so I put them in CS3 and tried to give some of them an old feel.


It was a bright, HOT, sunny day so the “bean” was reliable for some sun flare, which was fine with me.