I think we’re all allowed to think that our pets are cuter than everyone else’s pets… but in my case, I’d be right! Here’s what our prettyprettyprincess Ruby was up to this morning…


And Mr. Furryhead (aka Jack), who is not feeling too well these days….


And the closest you’ll get to seeing them in a photo together (in which they aren’t being held down!):


I had just tried the old trick of bribing Jack to get what I wanted, but he was more interested in locating the treat I’d mentioned than posing for the camera. Luckily I’m quick with the shutter (:

Okay, back to business. Later today I’ll post the final images from the 8.8.08 wedding (two more posts worth!). It’s about time, right? I’ll be second shooting another wedding this weekend, so I guess I should get the other one all wrapped up here on the blog.