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Whoa. The Yelp! Retro Spring Fling was awesome. The only bad thing about this party was that I spent three hours with my back to it!! And the only thing that could have made it better was a personal appearance by John Hamm as Don Draper [DREEEEEAMY to the max]. But no complaints because I had an awesome time photographing all the Yelpers in their retro gear. I tell you what, those folks really need to loosen up (read: sarcasm).

Before I get to more photos, I need to give a nice shout-out to the Catalyst Ranch. If you are in Chicago and need a place to hold an event, retreat, meeting, party, wedding, or anything where two or more people are gathering you must [MUST] check this place out.

Okay. Now to the photos. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was deciding which images to put on the blog. It finally came down to closing my eyes and clicking randomly. After these photos, I’ll post the link the entire gallery (:

Looks fun, right? See the entire gallery here.

Also, if you are in some of the photos, I posted an album on Facebook. Please feel free to go tag yourself. I’ll be adding more as I have time, but if you don’t see your pic on FB right now and want me to add it, just let me know and I’ll do that ASAP.

AND, if you were one of the lucky winners of a free portrait session or print credit, let me know when you’re ready for your close up!



Since my mom gave me the beautiful amaryllis, I think it was appropriate that it [finally] fully bloomed on Mother’s Day. Totally worth the wait, don’t you think?

It just makes me happy (:


Seeing as how she’s only a few weeks old, I’m sure Siena has no idea how much suspense and anticipation her arrival caused!! We are all so glad to finally meet her (and I am honored to photograph her!). Here’s a quick preview for mom and dad (still cannot believe it!).

I present Ocean… er, I mean Siena:

More to come of this little beauty!


I do believe I promised some more images from the Big Swap Bonanza!! Specifically, “the cutest salt & pepper shakers evah, a pogo-sticking U of Chicago student, and some rockin’ rockabillies (Pearls Mahone and the One-Eyed Jacks)!” Here you are, respectively:

Would it have been wrong to buy these and NOT use them as S&P shakers? I just wanted to put it on my shelf and think about how cute it is:

Do wish I’d gotten his email so I could send a copy. Not every day you pogo around with the Sears Tower and Soldier Field as a backdrop:

My favorite song was “Stalker” (:

Enjoy (: Amarylis update, newborn cutie, and retro par-tay pics to come!


So a while ago, my mom gave me an amaryllis in a box… quite an honor since I tend to kill plants in record time. I was putting off planting the doomed flower until my new loft/office was ready, and that time came a few weeks ago. Since then, J and I have been patiently waiting… and waiting… and waiting… while it got taller and taller (so much so that we had to put BBQ skewers in to hold the leaves straight! Last night we noticed that it was [finally] opening up a little, and when I woke up today I was excited to see a little color popping through!! I promised my mom I’d show her some pics as it bloomed, so here’s the first:

After it blooms we’ll put it in a fancy new pot and it will take its rightful place in my lovely office. THANKS, Mama (:


Long time, no post! Now that the weather is [unpredictable, but] nice, things are starting to pick up at city|view photography. But I need to make updating the blog more of a priority… what better way to start that, than with some images of someone you might recognize?!

This week was the first official Big Swap Bonanza, brought to us lucky Chicagoans by the same folks who bring us the Chicago Antique Market. I had a fabulous time photographing the event, where I got to meet and photograph Design on a Dime’s Frank Fontana!!

Tell me that wasn’t worth getting up at 5am for (: And somehow I managed to stop myself from begging him to come decorate the newly-built loft/office that has consumed much of my life the last two months.

More images from this event to come, including the cutest salt & pepper shakers evah, a pogo-sticking U of Chicago student, and some rockin’ rockabillies (Pearls Mahone and the One-Eyed Jacks)!

Until then,

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