Whoa. The Yelp! Retro Spring Fling was awesome. The only bad thing about this party was that I spent three hours with my back to it!! And the only thing that could have made it better was a personal appearance by John Hamm as Don Draper [DREEEEEAMY to the max]. But no complaints because I had an awesome time photographing all the Yelpers in their retro gear. I tell you what, those folks really need to loosen up (read: sarcasm).

Before I get to more photos, I need to give a nice shout-out to the Catalyst Ranch. If you are in Chicago and need a place to hold an event, retreat, meeting, party, wedding, or anything where two or more people are gathering you must [MUST] check this place out.

Okay. Now to the photos. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was deciding which images to put on the blog. It finally came down to closing my eyes and clicking randomly. After these photos, I’ll post the link the entire gallery (:

Looks fun, right? See the entire gallery here.

Also, if you are in some of the photos, I posted an album on Facebook. Please feel free to go tag yourself. I’ll be adding more as I have time, but if you don’t see your pic on FB right now and want me to add it, just let me know and I’ll do that ASAP.

AND, if you were one of the lucky winners of a free portrait session or print credit, let me know when you’re ready for your close up!