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Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more, I saw something that reminded me why winter is so lovable! This symphony of snowmen was orchestrated by the neighbor of the kids I babysit, with a little help from some friends. Isn’t it wonderful!?

It even inspired Phoebe and me to take a little walk around the neighborhood and document some of the beauty of this season.

And we’ll let these guys be the closing act, too. I think there are 15 total, including football players, beach bums (w/ margaritas!), and a snow boarder. Every time I see it, I feel guilty for complaining so much (:




Whoa! Check out these passport photos of famous artists! Pretty cool glimpse of a photo they probably thought we’d never see. Don’t you think Hemingway (above) looks a little like Leonardo DiCaprio? Do you think he was headed to Paris to write On Paris when this photo was taken? I’m going to pretend he was (:

Other favorites include F. Scott Fitzgerald, of course, and the Marx Brothers. Check the collection out over at puzzlemaster’s flickr page.


We can see a few public art displays from our balcony, but this guy is my favorite. I always feel a second or two of concern for him, teetering around up there all the time (:

All my sessions this weekend were postponed (due to the weather – shocker!), so my plan today was to go for a photo walk around the neighborhood. I’m just not feeling that well today, so I took some inspiration from a recent session documenting a downtown view and took a few shots from my balcony. I mean, when it’s the last week of February and we’re getting a fresh six inches of snow, it’s time to just embrace it, right?

Some people may see this as a negative, but I love that the Metra passes by right across the street – especially at night when the windows are glowing and I can see the silhouettes of people inside. Maybe I’ll take some pics of that one day.

Happy Monday to you all!


Oh, hello there! I was just daydreaming about my family’s annual beach trip. Just five short months away!

I missed it last year, so I’m especially looking forward to it now. Fourteen of us in one house – it really doesn’t get any better!!


Last week I had a quick, but fun, photo session downtown in Streeterville, my old neighborhood. Patty’s friend has to move from his condo there and he’s not looking forward to it, so she asked me to do some images of his view to hang up in his new home. Isn’t that amazing?! Such a creative and thoughtful gift.

I love the idea of having bits and pieces of my old view hanging around my new house… wish I’d thought of it before I moved!

And I dig Chicago in vintage conversions (:


Chicago Restaurant Week starts a week from tomorrow!! It’s always nice to have something to look forward to in February – especially when that something is indoors and involves FOOD! Have you picked your restaurants yet?

A few places I’d like to try are The Berghoff, Cafe Spiaggia, and China Grill. A few I wouldn’t mind visiting again: Japonais and Sushi Samba. What are your recommendations?

Mmmm… I should really try to get to the gym a few times between now and then (:



I have a little self-imposed “rule of threes” – when I hear about a specific thing (book, movie, website, etc, etc…) three times, I check it out. Today, within a span of 10 minutes, this blog was shared with me three times, so I checked it out. Had a good chuckle. And now I’m sharing it with you!

I present, Black and WTF. I can’t describe it any better than they do: “A photoblog of strange black & white photos.”

Enjoy (:


We are in the midst of accumulating another 10 inches of snow.

A good day to dream of bicycle adventures to the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Every time I see my bike gathering dust in the garage I get a little nostalgic for those Saturday afternoons spent exploring on two wheels.

The wait will make them that much sweeter when the snow melts, though (:


Every couple of months or so, I start feeling like I just have to get of town – even if just for a day or two. I have that feeling RIGHT NOW. I’m definitely in the mood for a good road trip, and this time we’re thinking of doing the Lake Michigan Circle Tour (wherein you literally drive around Lake Michigan). From what I hear, there is lots to see and do between here and… well, here. Our second choice is Nova Scotia, which is a much bigger commitment, but then I could pretend to be Anne of Green Gables for a few days.

Our last serious road trip was in June 2009 to Mt. Rushmore. It’s been my favorite so far – who knew there was so much between here and South Dakota!! For example, this fellow made us a horseshoe while we watched at Herbert Hoover’s home (and burial place) in Iowa.

And as we were headed west, we were treated to sunset after beautiful sunset…

I think I’m going to go pack my bags!


As you may have read in an earlier post, my gifted and artistic sister makes the best bags in town over at retrofied. (She also takes all of those perfect photos of her bags that you see in her shop!)

Right now she’s giving away one of her most popular bags, the Large Reversible Hobo Bag (see photo above).

You can enter here through February 10th. But only if you want to be the envy of all your friends (:

Have a beautiful weekend! (And keep scrolling down to see the winner of the free portrait session, which was announced this morning.)


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