Every couple of months or so, I start feeling like I just have to get of town – even if just for a day or two. I have that feeling RIGHT NOW. I’m definitely in the mood for a good road trip, and this time we’re thinking of doing the Lake Michigan Circle Tour (wherein you literally drive around Lake Michigan). From what I hear, there is lots to see and do between here and… well, here. Our second choice is Nova Scotia, which is a much bigger commitment, but then I could pretend to be Anne of Green Gables for a few days.

Our last serious road trip was in June 2009 to Mt. Rushmore. It’s been my favorite so far – who knew there was so much between here and South Dakota!! For example, this fellow made us a horseshoe while we watched at Herbert Hoover’s home (and burial place) in Iowa.

And as we were headed west, we were treated to sunset after beautiful sunset…

I think I’m going to go pack my bags!