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Need I say more?



Beautiful sisters! These gals and their family (you will meet them later!) braved a chilly, windy day for their photo session and I think it was worth it. I’m jealous! I may have to talk my sister into having some photos taken of the two of us when I’m down her way this summer (:



Did you ever see such a crew?! At the recommendation of a lady at an antique store in Muskegon, MI, J and I ate breakfast on day 2 of our trip at Herbie’s Cafe. I don’t even remember what I had, I was so enamored by the “regulars” sitting at the bar. At one point there was an empty seat and a guy walked in and said, “Hey, so-and-so! Can I have your spot?” And somewhere from the dining room area another guys yells out, “Yeah, take it!” It was like something on television or a good movie.

When we were leaving, there was another empty seat right in the middle and they were kind enough to let me sit there and chat with them for a moment (hmmm… maybe this was my favorite moment of the trip!) and then I went out to the car and grabbed my camera to get a few shots of them while they told me everything to do in MI, everything to look for on our drive, and gave me lots of good old life advice (hah!).

They were lovely, as was Herbies. Just kidding about not remembering my meal – it was the biscuits and gravy and coffee and it was perfect. J had some meal that included a little bit of everything and he devoured it. So, consider Herbie’s highly recommended if you’re ever in the Muskegon area!

A collection of sunsets from our trip around Lake Michigan. I’m pretty sure they were my favorite part of the drive.

Can’t get those views from my side of the Lake!


I know, I know… we cannot get enough of the newborns. They are soooo sweet!! Especially when they have adorable big brothers watching over them (:

Have the best possible weekend (:


Meet Layla. Didn’t I tell you she was the sweetest? Wasn’t I right?!


Long time, no see, eh? J and I took a little vacation road trip around Lake Michigan last week. We went at a nice, leisurely pace and had the best time enjoying the scenery and stopping in the endless little antique stores. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, so instead of doing a day-by-day recap, I’ll just post them in assorted bunches for your viewing pleasure (: We saw endless flocks of birds making their way home, way too many deer gallivanting in the streets, and lots of swans enjoying the sunshine (as were we!).

It’s been hard to get back into the swing of things, but today I had a session with the sweetest little girl – only a week-and-a-half old!! I just have to share her and her charming big brother with you all – I’ll post a sneak peak from that session soon, as well as some more from the road trip!


I had a lot of fun doing engagement photos for Taylor & Kyle, so I was thrilled when Taylor asked me to design their save-the-date postcards using one of the images from their session. And now the cat is out of the bag – I do custom designs upon request! Let me know if your interested in hearing more about my graphic design services… including logos, save-the-dates and other cards, etc…

This particular design is a 5.5×4 postcard so it’s easier and cheaper to mail, and is more environmentally friendly (no envelope!).



How could I not enjoy traipsing around downtown Chicago with a couple in love? Marci and Chris were awesome to photograph and they had so much fun together – the true sign of lasting love, in my opinion! They had no problem pretending I wasn’t there with a camera in their faces, which made it easy to capture some lovely moments. Enjoy (:

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