So sorry for not posting the winner of the free photography contest yesterday – it was a travel day and I underestimated how much I wouldn’t want to spend my first night in Nevada on the computer (: Having said that, I am all settled in now, and ready to announce the winner…. drumroll, please…

Congratulations to LIZ, commenter number 3!!!!!!

I believe I have seen Liz (and even photographed her) perform with Pyrotechniq, but I’ve never actually met her so I’m looking forward to that, and to figuring out which one of her fun events I’m going to get to photograph! Liz, I’ll be in touch soon to start planning (:

The winner was chosen using, but I only have J’s laptop (I’m a Mac; he’s a PC) so I have no idea how to do a screen capture or crop or anything so you’ll have to trust me for now. Hopefully he can help me with that later and I can update this post with the’s results via an image.

Happy Wednesday!