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Weekend + summer + early morning walk + lovely Chicago neighborhood + beautiful family. There you have it. My secret equation for fun family photos. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone. A quick little peak at this family session before I am on hiatus for the next two weeks!! You probably don’t recognize these cuties from their previous session – they have grown up so much in the last two years!

I might post from my secret hideaway, but then again I might not. That’s what vacation is about, right?


Seriously. How could you not fall in love with that face?! Although Ryan never quite warmed up to the strange lady with the camera (me!), I think by the end of the session we had reached an unspoken agreement. Meaning he would continue to be cute and occasionally look in my direction if I promised to hurry. Haha! Oh, and there can’t be a post about Ryan without mentioning how much he loves his basketball. I wonder how he feels about Lebron going to Miami?

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m photographing two kiddos this weekend. Next week J’s sister and her family are coming to visit!! And then I’m off on vacation!! I LOVE summer (:


Oh, Ava. What a dreamy little girl!! Last week I got to spend a little time with Ava and her little brother Ryan (you will meet him later!), twirling and traipsing through her beautiful backyard. She roamed, I followed. We picked fresh blackberries, sent the Minnie Mouse doll down the slide more than once, and created art in the driveway. No wonder I love my job (:

Next up – Ava’s little brother!


J and I were in Vegas last month (he was working, I was playing) and took a road trip (of course) to Death Valley National Park. We rented a convertible, put the top down and the sunscreen on, turned the radio up, and enjoyed a leisurely drive through the desert. It was beautiful (and hot). Stopped at Badwater Basin and a ghost town along the way.

You can see more images from Death Valley at flickr!


You may remember Siena from her previous sessions. I know, she somehow just manages to get cuter and cuter as the months go by, and I am honored to document her cuteness (while trying in vain to teach her to say “Anna”). For Siena’s one year pictures, I was lucky enough to get to spend a morning with her family downtown in the Loop… aren’t you jealous? We had thick, dark clouds for the entire session but I think we managed pretty well, don’t you?

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