Herbert Hoover believed that “days should be filled with adventure” – I believe that applies to photo sessions as well. When I arrived at the Szmulewitz’s home, the plan was to do the session in their neighborhood. We soon decided to nix that and headed out to Promontory Point for awesome views of the lake and the city. We then wandered south a bit, and found more excellent views of the lake and the Museum of Science and Industry. We climbed back in the car, intending to go to their neighborhood park, when some family friends called from 63rd Street beach to say the fountain was on and the beach was gorgeous. Needless to say, we headed that way immediately. And that’s where I left the Szmulewitzes: playing in the sand and water, still in their “photo session outfits,” and spending a spontaneous afternoon with lovely friends. Spontaneous adventuring… makes the best images, don’t you think?