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I interrupt regularly scheduled programming to let you know that, as part of a class project, three of my images will displayed in the student gallery at Loyola. The Why Art Matters exhibit opens this Thursday evening. One of the photos I’ll be showing is below. I also made the logo for the exhibit (above). As a class, we attempted to show why art matters to the Loyola community and to each of the class members. There is also an interactive display where exhibit-goers can express why art matters to them. So, go! Express yourselves (:

For more information, you can see the full flier (designed by moi) here, or read about the exhibit on the Department of Fine & Performing Arts’ blog here.


Is this the cutest couple you’ve ever seen or what?! Newly engaged and totally smitten with each other. I was honored to capture some memories before deployment will separate Ashley and G for much too long. Many thanks for your service. I still think they could have waited until after the holidays ;)

{**The photos and other content of this publication do not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.**}

No! Don’t actually stab the books!! But DO learn how to make your own books, using this way cool stab binding technique. The most recent awesome thing I’ve been learning during my internship at EPPS. We had so much fun making these that they’ve decided to offer a one day workshop, December 18th (psst… they make great holiday gifts!). Um, and you get to design your cover using vintage wood type and then print it on the fancy old Vandercook. Am I the only one drooling here?


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