Hello! Long time no see, huh? I have good excuses for not posting to the blog in so long, but rather than go on and on about them, I’ll just narrow it down to two things and then let you have a look for yourself (:

1. J and I are packing it all up and moving to Georgia this summer! We are going to miss Chicago {a lot} but we’re also so excited to move closer to our families and old friends. Having said that, moving is very time consuming, and is sort of like having a second job.

2. I am packing up the business and moving… that’s right! A new name, a new logo, a new website, a new Facebook page – and of course a new blog. Check out the newness:

Every piece of the new, improved business is being unveiled as it is ready. You can already “like” me on the new Facebook page {please do!}. And, as of right now, you can un-bookmark this blog and start following the new one:

ai {the blog}.

Isn’t it so much better already?! Make sure to update your blog readers and blog rolls, etc… with the new link (: I look forward to seeing you all over there.