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Hello! Long time no see, huh? I have good excuses for not posting to the blog in so long, but rather than go on and on about them, I’ll just narrow it down to two things and then let you have a look for yourself (:

1. J and I are packing it all up and moving to Georgia this summer! We are going to miss Chicago {a lot} but we’re also so excited to move closer to our families and old friends. Having said that, moving is very time consuming, and is sort of like having a second job.

2. I am packing up the business and moving… that’s right! A new name, a new logo, a new website, a new Facebook page – and of course a new blog. Check out the newness:

Every piece of the new, improved business is being unveiled as it is ready. You can already “like” me on the new Facebook page {please do!}. And, as of right now, you can un-bookmark this blog and start following the new one:

ai {the blog}.

Isn’t it so much better already?! Make sure to update your blog readers and blog rolls, etc… with the new link (: I look forward to seeing you all over there.


It’s definitely autumn up here, and everyone is scrambling to enjoy the last weeks of nice weather. J and I decided last weekend to go on a nice, cold, windy bike ride on one of the many trails nearby. It was a lovely way to start what turned out to be an awesome, relaxing weekend. I documented it with the first cartridge of film for my new Fuji Instax Mini (what I finally decided to buy with my bday money!). I’m obviously still getting the hang of this camera, but I LOVE it already. Apparently I also need to work on my scanning abilities (:

I started a flickr set for my Instax images here, if you want to see more.

Next up – a sneak peek at images from a fun family session!!


You may remember my post a few weeks ago about the Kanzashi book that I won in a drawing at bluebirdluxe… I promised to post pictures of the flowers I made, so here you go! Well, so far just one flower. But it was fun, and even though it’s far from perfect, I have to admit I was proud of it and felt a sense of accomplishment that was probably a little exaggerated (:

I’m sure there will be more flowers in my future!


I never win anything. So imagine my surprise when, the day after I found out I won the Continuum design contest, I got an email from the lovely Elaine of bluebirdluxe informing me I had won her drawing for the Kanzashi in Bloom book. Looking back, I guess I should have gone out right then and bought a lotto ticket. Anywho, the book came so nicely wrapped that I had a hard time opening it.

But then I did.

And now I will be making flowers until further notice (:

A trip to the fabric store is in order. I’ll post pictures of the ones I don’t screw up too badly.


J and I were in Vegas last month (he was working, I was playing) and took a road trip (of course) to Death Valley National Park. We rented a convertible, put the top down and the sunscreen on, turned the radio up, and enjoyed a leisurely drive through the desert. It was beautiful (and hot). Stopped at Badwater Basin and a ghost town along the way.

You can see more images from Death Valley at flickr!


We can see a few public art displays from our balcony, but this guy is my favorite. I always feel a second or two of concern for him, teetering around up there all the time (:

All my sessions this weekend were postponed (due to the weather – shocker!), so my plan today was to go for a photo walk around the neighborhood. I’m just not feeling that well today, so I took some inspiration from a recent session documenting a downtown view and took a few shots from my balcony. I mean, when it’s the last week of February and we’re getting a fresh six inches of snow, it’s time to just embrace it, right?

Some people may see this as a negative, but I love that the Metra passes by right across the street – especially at night when the windows are glowing and I can see the silhouettes of people inside. Maybe I’ll take some pics of that one day.

Happy Monday to you all!


Oh, hello there! I was just daydreaming about my family’s annual beach trip. Just five short months away!

I missed it last year, so I’m especially looking forward to it now. Fourteen of us in one house – it really doesn’t get any better!!


Every couple of months or so, I start feeling like I just have to get of town – even if just for a day or two. I have that feeling RIGHT NOW. I’m definitely in the mood for a good road trip, and this time we’re thinking of doing the Lake Michigan Circle Tour (wherein you literally drive around Lake Michigan). From what I hear, there is lots to see and do between here and… well, here. Our second choice is Nova Scotia, which is a much bigger commitment, but then I could pretend to be Anne of Green Gables for a few days.

Our last serious road trip was in June 2009 to Mt. Rushmore. It’s been my favorite so far – who knew there was so much between here and South Dakota!! For example, this fellow made us a horseshoe while we watched at Herbert Hoover’s home (and burial place) in Iowa.

And as we were headed west, we were treated to sunset after beautiful sunset…

I think I’m going to go pack my bags!


Since my mom gave me the beautiful amaryllis, I think it was appropriate that it [finally] fully bloomed on Mother’s Day. Totally worth the wait, don’t you think?

It just makes me happy (:


So a while ago, my mom gave me an amaryllis in a box… quite an honor since I tend to kill plants in record time. I was putting off planting the doomed flower until my new loft/office was ready, and that time came a few weeks ago. Since then, J and I have been patiently waiting… and waiting… and waiting… while it got taller and taller (so much so that we had to put BBQ skewers in to hold the leaves straight! Last night we noticed that it was [finally] opening up a little, and when I woke up today I was excited to see a little color popping through!! I promised my mom I’d show her some pics as it bloomed, so here’s the first:

After it blooms we’ll put it in a fancy new pot and it will take its rightful place in my lovely office. THANKS, Mama (:


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