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Botanical gardens are popular spots for photographers. {I’ve even been there myself.} So when I see images that make me want to grab my camera and GO THERE RIGHT NOW!! then it’s my responsibility to share the beauty with you. Without further ado, meet Jordan of Jordan Quinn Photography. Her work inspires me, and it’s pretty to look at (:

You can see the full set of Jordan’s garden images here, on flickr.


While interning at The Evanston Print & Paper Shop, I’m also doing some product photography and taking pics during some classes. They make the most beautiful things there!! I’m so excited to be a small part of it (: I’m sure you’ll see some more of their goodies posted here over the next few months. They also do screen printing, book binding, and more. It’s like Heaven. They have lots of fun classes coming up, so if you want to learn how to make beautiful things, Eileen and Vanessa are your gals.

I have had so much fun photographing crawlers and toddlers lately! These sessions are always fun, spontaneous little adventures. Here’s a little look at some recent sessions. I’ll be posting more from each soon.

What is better than photographing a couple that knows how to laugh together, especially when there’s a stranger with a camera all up in their personal space?! AJ and Mark, thank you for making my job so easy!! And for laughing at my stupid jokes. Oh, and your watch has been beeping at me every hour for the past week – I think it misses you (:

You can see more photos from this session on city|view photography’s Facebook page. Have a fun (and funny!) weekend (:


Bess is the best. For serious. So fun and funny and beautiful. I wish you could meet her in person, but I guess these pics will have to do (: Bess’s daughter, Carlene, was the winner of the most recent city|view blog contest. A couple of weekends ago Carlene, Bess, Carlene’s sister Barb, and I met up at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park. Absolutely nothing was in bloom, of course, but it was a beautiful day for March in Chicago, and I’m glad I got to spend part of it with these lovely gals.

(That’s Carlene on the left!)


Did you ever see such a crew?! At the recommendation of a lady at an antique store in Muskegon, MI, J and I ate breakfast on day 2 of our trip at Herbie’s Cafe. I don’t even remember what I had, I was so enamored by the “regulars” sitting at the bar. At one point there was an empty seat and a guy walked in and said, “Hey, so-and-so! Can I have your spot?” And somewhere from the dining room area another guys yells out, “Yeah, take it!” It was like something on television or a good movie.

When we were leaving, there was another empty seat right in the middle and they were kind enough to let me sit there and chat with them for a moment (hmmm… maybe this was my favorite moment of the trip!) and then I went out to the car and grabbed my camera to get a few shots of them while they told me everything to do in MI, everything to look for on our drive, and gave me lots of good old life advice (hah!).

They were lovely, as was Herbies. Just kidding about not remembering my meal – it was the biscuits and gravy and coffee and it was perfect. J had some meal that included a little bit of everything and he devoured it. So, consider Herbie’s highly recommended if you’re ever in the Muskegon area!

As you may have read in an earlier post, my gifted and artistic sister makes the best bags in town over at retrofied. (She also takes all of those perfect photos of her bags that you see in her shop!)

Right now she’s giving away one of her most popular bags, the Large Reversible Hobo Bag (see photo above).

You can enter here through February 10th. But only if you want to be the envy of all your friends (:

Have a beautiful weekend! (And keep scrolling down to see the winner of the free portrait session, which was announced this morning.)


I just spent some time freshening up the logo for retrofied.

You should really check out the beautiful handmade bags designed and made by my beautiful sister. I assure you you’ll find something you want. Don’t say you weren’t warned (:

I’m currently drooling over this road trip bag… After my over-nighter to St. Louis this weekend, I realized how important it is for a girl to have the right size bag for every trip.

Also love this organic cotton hobo bag for every day…

Enjoy (:


This gallery is way past complete, but I did promise more images on the blog. Plus, I wanted an excuse to post my absolute favorite image from the entire day. I just adore the archway and the way they are looking at each other.

And I always enjoy the photo of the bride and groom walking back down the aisle together… it’s always one of my favorites.

Some other favorites… first, the beautiful Pleasant Home:

And some randoms from the day (trying to avoid posting the traditional wedding photos this time-except for the dancing. I love the dancing.):


A few pics from last weekend’s wonderful wedding. Beautiful ceremony, adorable couple, huge party… all the makings of a fabulous day! And I was honored to capture some of it (: Here’s a tiny pre-ceremony preview.


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