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Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing my first high school senior of the summer, and what a fun and beautiful girl she is! She was such a trooper, traipsing around the city all morning, playing in fountains, going barefoot, and showing off all of those many years of dance training… thanks, T (and K!)!!

Here’s a tiny preview for you…. your gallery will be ready by the end of the week (:




Every year I make it a point to grab my camera and snap at least a few shots of the tulips in Chicago each spring. Aside from the fact that they are my favorite flower (even used them in my wedding!), they are a welcome sign of spring after a long winter. They’re all gone for the season, but I did get some photos of them a few weeks ago.

The first one is from Mich Ave – a classic red.

red tulip

This one I believe was on either Superior or Chicago Ave, just east of Michigan. A beautiful row of white tulips reflecting the early morning sun.

white tulips

Enjoy (:

It’s summer! And what better time to capture fun, outdoor images of your children and family at play? I think the wonderful weather warrants a special offer, don’t you?

During the summer months (June, July, and August), if your photo session takes place on a weekday (Monday through Friday), you will get a reduced rate of $135 for your session fee.*

That’s a $50 savings! (Session fees for Saturday and Sunday sessions will remain at $185.)


{*cannot be combined with other offers.}

Where have I been?? I’m very behind in posting pictures here, but I promise to get caught up (eventually… hey, it’s summer in Chicago and all residents are required to get out and enjoy it while they can!). Yesterday I had a super fun shoot with a 12-year-old and her eight-year-old twin brothers. Turns out the twins and I have the same birthday. They promptly informed me they were “eight and three quarters,” and I said “Well, that makes me thirty and three quarters.” And of course they could not comprehend someone being so ancient.

Here are a couple of previews for mom:



Enjoy! Oh, and I’ve photographed three sets of twins in the last month, so be on the lookout for more cute look-a-likes (and one not-so-look-alike).


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