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Not only do I have the pleasure of babysitting for this family, but I also got to photograph them! So, I guess there’s a chance I could be a bit biased when I say Eddie and Phoebe are pretty darn adorable… er, I mean awesome and cool and totally NOT bogus (:

They were so nice to let me snap this shot…

I had to be fast, though, because 10 seconds later…

And, since the Blog Challenge was a hit (Elizabeth & Liam are up to 22 comments!!), let’s keep playing. Twenty-five comments to this post, and my favorite Liccardos get a special gift from me!

Oh, and Maria, the gallery is on its way tomorrow morning (:



I’m uploading the gallery from this beautiful wedding, and just had to post another little preview of some bride & groom images while I wait.

J and I just got home this morning from vacation (Mt. Rushmore!!) and I have a LOT of catching up to do. If you are waiting for a gallery, they will all be up this week.

A few pics from last weekend’s wonderful wedding. Beautiful ceremony, adorable couple, huge party… all the makings of a fabulous day! And I was honored to capture some of it (: Here’s a tiny pre-ceremony preview.


OMG. I’ve been photographing this precious pair since they were a mere one year old. Now they are THREE. Time is flying, and they are getting cuter every second. Don’t you agree?

I think this is the appropriate time to start something new on the old city|view blog, don’t you? Hows about a little Blog Challenge? If Elizabeth & Liam get 25 comments to their blog post, then mom and dad get a special gift from me. Cool, huh? Just look at these little faces…. how can you NOT comment on how adorable they are?!


Yesterday I had the honor of photographing my first OpLove clients, and what a fun, lively, and good-looking group they were! Despite our battle with the quickly setting sun, I think we managed to snag a few great shots. He leaves tomorrow to begin his deployment to Afghanistan, so I wanted to make sure to get a preview up today.

Have a safe journey, and many thanks to you (:

[**The photos and other content of this publication do not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.**]


The last couple of weeks have been busy – the fun kind of busy, full of celebrations and travel. Amidst all of this, I’m still a photographer and I [finally] have a little preview for Mom & Dad Lewis. Your complete gallery will be up later today, so hopefully these will tide you over until then:

Love this guy’s chubby little legs!!

Enjoy (:


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