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This weekend I went to the Art Institute (one of my favorite Chicago places – wish I could have renewed my membership this year!). The first thing I saw when I walked in was the exhibit Public Notice 3 by Jitish Kallat. I thought it was cool and very well done. A nice juxtaposition with the traditional grand staircase. Go see it! It’s a nice indoor activity (and the museum is free on weekdays through February 4th!).


Happy 2011!! After a lovely, relaxing holiday, J and I ended up in Rome last week. My mind has still not completely absorbed all that I saw and learned. It was the perfect beginning to the new year, and I thought it would also be the perfect way to kick off the blog in 2011 (:

If you want to see (many) more photos from my trip, you can find them in this Flickr set. Enjoy!

The moon, taken on a country road somewhere in Georgia last week. I miss that place!!


I had a session in Humboldt Park earlier this week (sneak peek coming soon!) and stayed afterward a few minutes to grab some images of the park, since I’d never been there before. I’m always amazed at the parks in Chicago – there are so many and they are perfect little escapes from all of the concrete (:

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” {Ralph Waldo Emerson}

There are a few more pics from Humboldt Park in my Chicago 2010 Flickr set.

Last month, J and I were lucky enough to have lots of family come see us in Chicago (his sister and her family and my brothers’ daughters). I love when we have company because it means we get to see the city through their eyes and do things like pretend we’re brave enough to ride the balloon at Navy Pier and then actually ride the swings, eat ice cream at Margie’s, marvel at the ferris wheel lights at night, stand in line for Sprinkles cupcakes, and laugh together at a hilarious musical from the fifth row, center. Among other things – many, many other things. It was awesome. That’s all (:

I’m back! Back in February, I was daydreaming about the annual beach trip. It felt like it would never get here…and now it’s ended. Sad, but I had the best family vacation ever. It was so chill and relaxing. We spent hours and days lounging on the beach, taking walks, riding bikes, flying kites, playing croquet, reading and talking about books, watching brown pelicans fly overhead, playing cards, and eating fresh shrimp. It was dreamy.

The week at the beach was preceded by a visit from J’s sister and her family and followed up by a visit from my brothers’ daughters. Three weeks of family fun and I miss them all already. But it’s time to get back to regularly scheduled programming and it is shaping up to be a busy August. Photo sessions begin again this weekend, so some session previews will be coming soon. In the meantime, I’m going to try to get his house back to it’s usual state of disorder.

J and I were in Vegas last month (he was working, I was playing) and took a road trip (of course) to Death Valley National Park. We rented a convertible, put the top down and the sunscreen on, turned the radio up, and enjoyed a leisurely drive through the desert. It was beautiful (and hot). Stopped at Badwater Basin and a ghost town along the way.

You can see more images from Death Valley at flickr!


My birthday was last week and to celebrate, J and I headed waaay out to Starved Rock State Park and spent the day hiking to and through canyons and waterfalls. Clear blue skies, very warm temps, lots of shade. It was just what I wanted and it was beautiful.

You can see more images from our trip to Starved Rock at flickr.


I’ll be traveling to Georgia this summer, so if you are interested in a session send me an email to: anna (at) cityviewphoto (dot) com. I will be there beginning July 17th and staying at least a week, both on the coast and in NE Georgia.

Looking forward to seeing y’all!


J and I spent part of Saturday at the annual kite festival at Montrose Harbor. So fun and the weather was perfect – cloudy, not too hot, and plenty of wind.

This was our kite – a beauty, no?


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